In 1977, Mr. George Sloukgi our CEO, founded Pelican International Services in Lebanon under CRB number 7389 as a Shipping and Liner Agent in addition to the International Freight Forwarding and related various activities.

We bring to the local shipping industry a high level of expertise in the business, coupled with dedicated services.

Pelican International Services activities have been concentrating mainly on conventional vessels at all Lebanese Ports, along with some container business and tanker contracts. We represented different conventional services throughout years from the UK, North Continent and Baltic ports to Beirut and other East Med ports.

For several years, we took advantage of the economic booming and reconstruction in the country and were favored with huge tonnage of ductile iron pipes, steels, project cargoes, not to mention wood pulp, paper in reels… thus projecting us to being market leaders on this trade.

We deliver instant response at management level to any query; with well-trained and fully experienced personnel handling each case in a timely manner, efficiently and successfully.

  • Conventional vessels at all Lebanese Ports
  • International freight forwarding
  • Project Cargoes
  • Issuance of certificates (ECTN) for cargoes destined to most West African countries
  • Fully licensed agency at Beirut and all Lebanese ports
  • Responsiveness, reliability and quality of service for vessels during port stay
  • Strong relationship with Port Authority, Customs, and all local parties concerned
  • Tailor-made solutions for any load or project cargo
  • Secure, efficient service anywhere through a worldwide network of dedicated forwarding agents
  • IT support for information management and all types of communications
  • Fully experienced, well-trained and dedicated operations team ready to serve at all times
  • Modern headquarters strategically located in the heart of the city, nearby Beirut Port, in vibrant Gemmayzeh – Saifi Tower



To be a holistic solution provider to all your shipping necessities in Lebanon and the region by utilizing our full range of services and expertise available within our company. 

  • Ensure the best interests of our clients.
  • Maintain a total commitment to client satisfaction and service excellence.
  • Offer the most complete, accurate and effective operations services available.
  • Provide the highest quality services as ships’ agents at all Lebanese ports
  • Provide hinterland transportations solutions in the region through dedicated partners.
  • Innovate continuously to keep ahead of rapidly changing industry trends
  • Build long term partnerships based on integrity, shared values, and mutual benefits
  • Expand our team by hiring right talents and providing them with encouraging and progressive work culture

Since 1977, we have been operating under our founder’s core values of integrity, reliability, dedication and transparency. We ensure constant advice to all our clients, and apply the highest standards when answering any type of request.

  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Dedication
  • Transparency
  • Synergy
  • Respect

In 2013, our sister company Pelship Offshore S.A.L. has been established and registered in Lebanon under CRB number 1806890 according to the Lebanese jurisdiction in course.

Pelship Offshore started  catering for all cross trades activities offered may it be shipments or waivers issuance.

By using our services, we secure our clients one point of contact that covers a plethora of destinations, one payment location and last but not least a process that is time saving.