Regional representation for your BIETC – Gabon… Pelship Offshore S.A.L. keeps on expanding !

As from the 1st of July 2020 Pelican International Services and Pelship Offshore SAL have been appointed as official authorized agents to issue BIETC certificates for Gabon for cargoes origination from the following ports: Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Jordan, Bahrein, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Yemen … in addition to the cross-trade [...]

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You can now pay your ECTN to West Africa electronically!

Dear Partners, Pelican International Services is an official and authorized agent appointed by different West African shipper’s councils, servicing Levant and Gulf countries. We issue ECTN certificates for cargoes destined to almost all West African countries since 2004. The transition is simple. Next time your ECTN payment is due simply visit our website [...]

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